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Long Branch: A Tapestry of History and Luxury Living

​​Long Branch, located along the shores of Lake Ontario in western Toronto, is renowned for its pristine lake views and rich historical heritage. Established in 1797, Long Branch emerged as one of the most beautiful pieces of land granted by the Queen to Colonel Samuel Smith, sparking competition among capitalists.

Eventually named "Long Branch" in 1886, after the New Jersey seaside resort, it was developed into a summer retreat, becoming a haven for Toronto's affluent class, and to this day retains many historic estates and buildings.

Significant events and landmarks mark Long Branch's history. In 1915, Canada's first airport was established here, and in 1924, the Long Branch Race Track opened. Today, Long Branch is planned as a low-density residential area, extending southward to the picturesque shoreline of Lake Ontario.

Walking along Lake Shore Blvd West into Long Branch's commercial district feels like stepping back in time. Here, 1930s pharmacies, 1940s barbershops, quaint burger joints, and Victorian-style artisanal coffee shops narrate the splendor and transitions of a century-long history.

inCAN was captivated by Long Branch's culture and history and chose to erect its first project in Eastern Canada, Longhaven Towns. Featuring only 28 boutique units, Longhaven Towns offers luxurious and comfortable urban townhomes. The design draws inspiration from traditional architecture, incorporating modern luxurious elements and utilizing top-quality building materials. The interiors boast exquisite design and Italian Miele appliances, with some suites enjoying private rooftop gardens.

Longhaven Towns' exterior design ingeniously blends traditional brick and stone with modern materials, harmonizing with the surrounding environment and exuding a unique charm.

From Vancouver's traditional luxury home district of Shaughnessy to Toronto's "old money" haven of Long Branch, inCAN's ethos remains consistent. Their selection of The Unionville Condominium as their first mid-rise project in Markham benefits from its prime location, the prestige and allure of the Angus Glen community, the artistic and leisurely ambiance of Unionville Main Street, and the bustling convenience of Markham's urban core, collectively creating an ideal place to call home.



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