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Markham’s Secondary Plan and Growth Focus Initiatives


One of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, Markham, Ontario has implemented a comprehensive Secondary Plan and Growth Focus Initiatives in order to properly build infrastructure to sustain long-term growth within the community.

Markham’s Secondary Plan and Growth Focus Initiatives aim to manage the city’s growth and development while promoting sustainable and livable communities. The plan focuses on creating complete communities that provide residents with access to employment, housing, transportation, and community amenities.

Key Components of Markham’s Secondary Plan:

  1. Land Use: The plan identifies land uses for various areas of the city, including residential, commercial, and industrial. The plan aims to promote mixed-use development that provides residents with easy access to amenities and employment opportunities.

  2. Transportation: It recognizes the importance of transportation in shaping the city’s growth. The plan aims to create a transportation network that supports sustainable transportation modes, such as walking, cycling, and public transit.

  3. Housing: Recognizing the need for affordable and diverse housing options to accommodate the city’s growing population, the plan aims to promote a mix of housing types and densities, including affordable and rental housing.

  4. Environment: Markham has always focused on the importance of protecting the natural environment while promoting sustainable development. The plan includes policies to protect natural features, such as wetlands and forests, and to promote sustainable building practices.

Key Components of Markham’s Growth Focus Initiatives:

  1. Employment: These initiatives aim to attract and retain businesses to create employment opportunities for residents. They focus on developing key employment areas and promoting innovation and technology-based industries.

  2. Transit: Recognizing the importance of transit in connecting residents to employment, housing, and amenities, these initiatives will improve transit services and infrastructure, such as the expansion of the York Region Rapid Transit system.

  3. Community Services: Aiming to provide residents with access to community amenities, such as parks, libraries, and community centers, the city will focus on developing new community facilities and improving existing ones.

  4. Sustainable Development: By promoting sustainable development practices and reducing the city’s carbon footprint, Markham will emphasize sustainable building practices, promoting energy efficiency, and reducing waste wherever possible.

Markham’s Secondary Plan and Growth Focus Initiatives provide a comprehensive framework for managing the city’s growth and development, promoting sustainable and livable communities. The plan’s key components will work together to create a vibrant and prosperous city for current and future residents, setting the precedent for responsible urban development.



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