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Crafting Unionville's Elegance: BARON-NELSON ARCHITECTS & Michael London Design

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

inCAN Developments is proud to introduce you to the masterminds behind the captivating design of The Unionville – a residential marvel that seamlessly blends modern elegance with thoughtful integration into the existing neighborhood. With a vision deeply rooted in artistic innovation and a commitment to enhancing communities, BARON-NELSON ARCHITECTS and Michael London Design have collaborated to create a space that not only redefines luxury living but also enriches the surrounding environment.

BARON-NELSON ARCHITECTS and Michael London Design: A Fusion of Brilliance

Founded in 2019, BARON-NELSON ARCHITECTS is the brainchild of two award-winning architects, Martin Baron and Jason Nelson. These visionary architects have cultivated a reputation for design excellence, meticulous execution, and unparalleled client service. Their design philosophy centers on uncovering hidden opportunities within each project to maximize value for their clients. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, they've established an efficient practice that excels in cost management, risk mitigation, and rapid project turnaround.


On the interior design front, Michael London Design has left an indelible mark on prestigious Toronto neighborhoods, as well as other global hubs like New York City. With a portfolio spanning high-profile private residences, multi-unit homes, and commercial spaces, the firm's approach centers on immersive and culturally inspired designs that evoke creativity and sophistication.

Unionville and its Close-Knit Relationship with BARON-NELSON ARCHITECTS and Michael London Design

In crafting The Unionville, BARON-NELSON ARCHITECTS has deftly merged Martin Baron's extensive experience, gained from his tenure at Teeple Architects Inc., with Jason Nelson's unique creative perspective. The result is a design that harmoniously interacts with Unionville's existing architectural landscape. By terracing the building to three storeys on the west and north sides, the structure seamlessly integrates with its neighbors, fostering a sense of community and connection among residents.

In the words of the architects themselves, "simple and elegant" are not synonymous with "plain and boring." This philosophy is embodied in the design details of The Unionville. The building's grand entrance canopy, the private courtyard, and the rooftop's breathtaking amenity spaces all attest to the team's dedication to crafting spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully functional.

Crafting Unionville's Unique Essence

Unionville is distinguished by its modernity, simplicity, and elegance. The terraced design, a hallmark of the project, is masterfully executed to create a sense of grandeur without clutter. Through carefully chosen design elements like the porte-cochère and private courtyard, the architects have achieved an ambiance of exclusivity that sets The Unionville apart from its peers.

The development doesn't just stop at architectural beauty; it enriches the neighborhood in various ways. By bridging the gap between Kennedy Road and the existing community, The Unionville eliminates an unfinished aspect, enhancing the visual appeal of the area. Moreover, the meticulous landscaping around the building and the courtyard contributes to the neighborhood's beauty, a gift to both residents and the community at large.

In essence, The Unionville stands as a testament to the design ingenuity of BARON-NELSON ARCHITECTS and the artistic vision of Michael London Design. This collaborative effort has birthed a residence that seamlessly merges into its surroundings while offering a unique, luxurious living experience.



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